Become an LFL Tutor

We realize that with your hectic work schedule and lifestyle that your time is at a premium. That is why we have designed a volunteer opportunity for you that requires little effort to make a significant difference in a child's life!

While a large majority of our tutors are from the legal community, we welcome tutors from a variety of professions be they active or retired. 

As a tutor, you will:

  • Help a third-grade child with below-average reading and comprehension skills pass the reading portion of the FSA (Florida Standards Assessments) and be advanced to the fourth grade.
  • Increase the student's self-esteem and confidence that they can read well.
  • Serve as a mentor and positive role model in the community.
  • Provide the encouragement and support the child needs to stay in school and out of the criminal system.
  • Make a lifelong impact by increasing the child's chances of future success.

The program details are as follows:

  • You will meet with your student once a week for 11 weeks from January-March

    of last year's tutors
    signed up again this year!

  • You may choose from schools in Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties.
  • There is no financial commitment.
  • If you cannot make all sessions, we will provide a substitute tutor.

Complete a school required Volunteer Registration Form

For more information, please contact us.